Posted by: BusAccident | May 17, 2009

How to use Mabipake

Since this is just a niche thing, I’d like to keep this stuff out of the public’s hands. Completely advantageous, it literally breaks Mabinogi with the amount of things you can do.

It goes like this:
1. Download mabipake and whatever dlls you want to use.

2. Extract mabipake and copy the files inside the bin folder into your root Mabinogi folder (where the client is held).

3. Create a “mod” folder in the root and copy your dlls to this folder.

4. Create a mod.txt file with this inside:

etc. etc.

5. Any further instruction from the dll mods should be followed. If not, compatibility issues may occur in pake itself or files can be missing from the root.

6. If all goes well, when you launch Mabinogi.exe you get a log file that doesn’t give error.

(Thing is, HS blocks hooking. Enjoy your bypass!)



  1. So we need to bypass hackshield in order to run mabipake. Damn it I don’t want to learn assembly :/

  2. Hm… this is password protected. How can i get this. i think i have a bypass.

  3. I get a mint.dll error when i follow your instructions T~T I believe its with a client.exe file trying to call somewhere that was changed in the mint dll not sure but yea :<

  4. I’ve managed to get my hands on 124 and kili 195, however i have no idea what the password is for either. Any nudges in the right direction?

  5. what’s the password for mabipake?

  6. As stated above, ‘it’s a niche thing and it’s wanted to be kept from the public’s hands’. That’s why its password protected

  7. Then why would you fucking post it up if your not going to release. Retard. Its like giving instructions on how to drive for people without appendages.

  8. why are you people even using this cause you have no lives and u feel the need to hack a game somebody crashed ch1 on Ruari today because he was rejected from a guild and he did it using mabipake u guys are lame

  9. i wana crash them dam spam bots but me no has mabipake /sigh v.v

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